What Women Want When Shopping For Apparel & Shoes

God has created a very surprising nature of women. You can see this when they shop. What Women Want When Apparel Shopping? Swirl Company has carried out survey on one thousand women to find the fact. It has come out with the following results:
• Retailers should focus on mobile strategies
• Should enhance in-store shopping experience
• Seventy six percent women prefer to shop
• Avoid online sales transactions on mobile phones
• Study shows women ready to share personal information with retailers till they receive value in return.

Technology has completely changed the way women shop. The old tradition of shopping with husbands and families now taken place by online stores. But that doesn’t mean it has lost its charm. Women still enjoy in-store shopping, and share their experience with their loved ones.

Women Enjoy Shopping

Most of the women love in-store shopping, and the experience is shared among women on the tea table. What was the deal, about the brand, pricing factors, occasion, and on the other upcoming trends of buying etc. It is found that seventy six percent women prefer in-store shopping, twenty two percent online, one percent via tablet, and one percent via smartphone when shop for clothes and shoes.

What women like about in store shopping? Actually, in-store shopping gives women an open environment for everything such as checking the product fully, put their product views, and after discussion on the price or deal can make out the payment. In-store shopping also gives them a complete freedom to do something whenever they wish.
In short, ninety two percent women like to see and touch clothes and shoes, ninety percent like to try on clothes for fit, and seventy two percent explore and discover new styles.

But they don’t like certain things when shopping in-store, like:
• Eighty four percent don’t like crowds
• Seventy percent don’t like transportation and parking
• Forty five percent don’t like interacting with sales people
• Forty one percent don’t like trying to find their size

While there are good and bad attributes, seventy six percent women still love shopping in-stores. When shopping in-store women seek advice from:
• Thirty seven percent of women seek advice from family and friends
• Twenty one percent on shopping and lifestyle, apps or websites
• Fifteen percent in store sales associate
• Fourteen percent family and friends via phone, email, text, social
• Nine percent retailer’s branded mobile app/site
• One percent a personal shopper

Women want a good deal but a personalized deal is always a worth one.

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