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Phone Power VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides landline excellence phone service including free marital US calling, free calls to Canada, and free international calling for both residential and small business calls. Incredibly low flat-rate phone service over a clear and consistent connection that you can use every day. Digital phone service that is naturally easy to install and use; simply plug any telephone into the free VoIP adapter to make and receive calls. Keep your number or choose a new one at no additional cost.

The advancement of technology has made the life simpler and workable. Millions of people across the world have benefited from the calling features of phone power. It has boosted the roots of family relations which are very important for them. Phone power service is well worth for residential and small business calls. It offers unparalleled plans, features, and simple way to use VoIP services. Moreover, users can avail 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 7-Day Customer Support round the clock on its 45 plus phone services.

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The 45 plus features include Free Second Line, Free International Minutes, VoiceMail, VoiceMail Viewer, VoiceMail-to-Email, Web Based Call Logs, Online Account Management, Remote VoiceMail Access, Do Not Disturb, Do Not Disturb, Incoming Call Routing, Outbound Caller ID Block, Anonymous Caller Rejection, Block List, Incoming Caller ID with Name, Outgoing Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting Caller ID, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Speed Dial, Contact List, Call Hold, 3-Way Conference Calling, Local & Long Distance Dialling, Bring Your Own Device, Free In-Network Calling, Click2Call, Remote Click2Call, International Call Block, Phone Power iPhone App, 511 Traveller Information, Call Notifications etc. Users can keep their number or choose a new one without any extra charge to enjoy these calling features.
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Business Address:
20847 Sherman Way
Winnetka, CA 91306
Neighborhood: Winnetka
(818) 264-4400


Type of VoIP


E911 calls


Hardware required

Two port home adapter; free lease

Professional installation


Add extensions


Contract required


Unlimited plans


Cap on “unlimited” calls

5,000 minutes per month

Trial period

30 days

Activation fee


Fee to use existing phone number


Out of area number

For an additional fee (Est. $5 per month)



Caller ID


Second line

Free cloned line

Block calls from personal list


Block anonymous calls


Convert voicemail to text message to cell phone

Converts to email

Call forwarding

Yes; also to international numbers

Call waiting


Mobile version

For iPhones

SMS (text messaging to cell phones)


Conference calls

Yes – 3-way calling



Prepaid long distance


Receive calls to online number











Phone Power Review

Customer Testimonials:

NeverPayRetail: Essentially a set it and forget it device. Only one outage so far (thunderstorm in California knocked out the service for a few hours) Why only 4, not 5? Sometimes have to power cycle adapter to solve incoming call failures.

AwesomeAussies21: There have only been a few times we have been without telephone service over the years because of a problem at Phone Power. Always fixed the problem quickly. Very reliable. Customer service is great when there is a problem and they are ALWAYS willing to help…and they have always answered the phone!!!

Sonia: What about support? They’re support service is the BEST. I have NEVER come across another business or service that provided better support.

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