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A large number of technological advancements in the modern world are focused on people’s convenience. Although, the functions performed by smart phones were previously available on computers, laptops and other platforms. But with the accelerating pace of life, we prefer to keep our whole life in the pocket. Even though iPhones carry a number of functions with them, the experience can be extended to increase its quality and convenience. The following are some of the must have iPhone accessories that may entertain individuals in different domains. For simplicity, they are divided into different categories.

Enhancing iPhone’s Battery
Despite the invention of lithium-ion batteries, you may still often find your phone short of battery in critical situations. People suggest turning off Wi-Fi and other apps to conserve battery, but we do not want to compromise. In fact, these are the apps that we got the smart phone for. These two accessories would certainly help you in situations where the battery runs low:

1.Mophie Juice Pack
This is not just another typical backup battery rather it is a solid battery case that protects your iPhone while adding 8 additional hours of talk time to it. Besides these basic functions, the Mophie Juice Pack also enhances the audio quality of the phone. This slim solid case is easy to carry in your pocket and you may not have to worry about a dying battery again.

2.Freeloader PICO Solar iPhone Charger
While travelling, it is often difficult to find a source of charging your iPhone. A number of people suggest the use of backup batteries, but when they also run out, you are stranded. The Freeloader PICO Solar iPhone Charger is an easy to use compact device that charges itself with just a 30 minutes exposure to sunlight. This charge can then be transferred to your phone, leaving you independent wherever you are.

Camera Accessories
While the resolution and effects of iPhone cameras keep on getting better, the functions of its lens remain limited. Everyone does not want to carry a pro-camera to different places in order to take quality photos. To diversify the functions of your mobile camera while retaining its convenience, you will find the following accessories to be absolutely magnificent:

1.Photojojo Phone Lens Series
You may have frequently heard the terms such as wide-angle, macro, fisheye and telephoto among photographers. These used to be different kinds of lenses for professional photography equipment but fortunately they have been made available for the iPhone. Rather than carrying extra weight, you may just use the compact Photojojo phone lens series. The fisheye lens allows for hemispherical images, the macro enables detailed close ups and portraits while the telephoto lens enables you to zoom on objects without distorting the picture. For any photography lovers, this is a must have iPhone accessory, especially when you are on the move.

Photojojo Phone Lens - iphone accessories

The name of the accessory describes it all. While your iPhone has a flash light, its result may not be as classy in extremely dark situations. The iFlash is an external flash for your phone to provide sufficient back lighting. People who claim that good pictures can only be taken during sunlight can now be proven wrong.

iflash - iphone accessories

Your iPhone does allow you to carry all the movies, music and other types of entertainment with you. However, due to its compact size, many of these things may not be as enjoyable. Take a look at the following accessories to discover new possibilities:

Previously music players did not find smart phones to be much useful for their interests besides listening to music. Any guitarist would know that in order to play an electric guitar, they would need an amplifier and different effect pedals to get a classy sound. However, with iRigAmplitube, you can plug your guitar directly into your iPhone and start recording listening and recording right away. The software simulation of the amps and different effects allows users to save considerable finances. Now you can take your guitar wherever you want and play without disturbing anyone. All your stomp boxes are now right in your pocket.

2.Wrap 310 XL
We are all aware of the wonderful resolution of the iPhone’s display. However, it could still be boring to watch movies or shows on that small screen. You may not always be close to your HDTV to connect it to your phone, particularly while travelling. The Wrap 310 XL is simply a pair of glasses but unlike any other. When worn, they turn into a virtual 55 inch screen on which both 2D and 3D movies can be viewed. With the Wrap 310 XL, you can get that home theater experience regardless of your location.

3.Optima PICO Pocket Projector
While the above mentioned devices are certainly helpful for personal entertainment, but what do you do when you wish to watch something on your iPhone with a group of people. Obviously, peeking into its screen is not the perfect solution. The Optima PICO Pocket Projector lets you project a 60” display of your iPhone on any plain wall with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Whether you are with family, friends or even if it’s a presentation at the office, this pocket projector is one of the best iPhone accessories out there.

Smart phones provide great convenience in a large number of domains but can be a bit frustrating in matters such as typing. For decades, we have relied on desktop keyboards and people generally find it much easier to type on physical keypads. At times, people prefer to buy smart phones with physical keypads just for their sheer convenience. It is said that you can’t get the best of both worlds. But the accessories mentioned below can prove the statement wrong:

1.TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard
Besides protection, the solid case has a physical keyboard that is connected to the phone through Bluetooth. Now you can type all your emails, posts and texts with a physical keypad allowing you to use the advantages of different types of smart phones.

2.Virtual Keyboard
As mentioned before, we have become programmed to use a desktop keyboard which introduces difficulties for many while typing. In some instances, it may even be frustrating to use a physical keypad. But to carry a standard size Bluetooth keyboard at all times would defy the whole purpose of a smart phone. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is a solution to this problem. The device projects a virtual keyboard on to any flat surface which you can use to type complete documents at your normal typing speed. Not only does the accessory provide great convenience, it is also a wonderful object to impress others.

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