Jeep grand Cherokee 2012 vs. Toyota 4runner 2012

If you are considering both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Toyota 4Runner as options, making an arbitrary choice could prove to be arduous. The best route would be to carry out a comprehensive comparison between the two on the basis of its essential features. You can choose on the basis of your personal preferences once the relative advantages on specific features have been established. A feature based comparison has been detailed below.


Comfort Quotient
If you are looking for a comfortable back-seating where you can stretch and relax, the Jeep grand Cherokee clearly scores over the Toyota 4Runner. The legroom as well as headspace is much more in the Cherokee. However, if you are considering the front seat experience, headspace and legroom here, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the two vehicles.

Convenience Factor
As compared to the Toyota 4Runner, the Cherokee would probably be requiring fewer gas refills. Therefore, you could probably find it a bit more convenient since the drive would require far lesser stops for refueling and refilling purposes.

When it comes to physical dimensions, both vehicles sport the same width somewhat. Similarly, the total length would also be the same. Therefore, both the Cherokee and the Toyota 4Runner would be consuming the same amount of space in your garage. So, if you are choosing on the basis of dimensions alone, just pick up any one! And, if you are looking for more maneuverability, choosing one would just be as good as the other. Both the 4Runner and the Cherokee have the same turning radius. Therefore, there aren’t any distinct advantages in terms of maneuverability.

There would be legions of factors to consider when you are assessing the complete cost of the vehicle. To begin with, there would be the MSRP or the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price which is the prime consideration. If you consider MSRP alone, The Toyota 4unner would weigh lighter on your pocket in comparison to the Cherokee. The other consideration would be the destination charge which is the standard charge applicable for transporting the vehicle from the manufacturing units to dealer outlets. Here too, the 4Runner would be cheaper than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Therefore, if you are working on a strict budget, the 4Runner must ideally be your pick.

Utility Features
When it comes to seating, both the Cherokee and the Toyota 4unner have the same passenger capacity. However, if you are looking at more space for hauling luggage or equipment, the 4Runner should be your pick over the Cherokee as the latter lacks sufficient luggage space.

Performance Parameters
If you are looking to assess towing capacity and this happens to be one of the prime deciding factors for you, prefer the Cherokee any day. If you are looking for a vehicle with a robust power quotient, the Cherokee should be your pick again!

Toyota 4Runner 2012

The Toyota 4Runner delivers a higher torque in comparison to the Cherokee. Therefore its transfer of power to the wheels is a bit more effective in comparison to the Cherokee. In case you are looking for a vehicle with a more efficient drivetrain, the Toyota 4Runner is your choice.

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