Important tips for buying a used car

Before buying a used car, it is very important to consider few things like price of the car, options you require & expenses of the additional options. After deciding your budget & requirements, you can use make use of an internet, a very significant tool that enables you to search for used cars with just one click. You can check out manufacturer’s websites for the available options & cars. Don’t forget to contact local dealers. Do not trust on the seller’s honesty but on your own instincts while buying a used car.

Do check out the following things:
• Telephone numbers of the previous car owners.
• Accident history if any.
• Details of mechanical problems if possible.
• Maintenance details of the car.

You can easily go through the Vehicle History Report via VHA report will provide you the details regarding earlier history of car.

While calculating the budget you must include tax as well as insurance charges. While buying a car from a dealer, make sure that they are registered brokers. By comparing prices with other classifieds you will get an accurate idea regarding the value difference. It will protect you from paying extra than price of car.

If the car that you are thinking to buy is more than three years old, just make sure to look for MOT (Ministry of Transport) certificate of insurance. One must confirm whether the mileage given on these certificates match with the service records. As far as safety is concerned ensure that the cam belt has been changed according to the company’s suggested intervals. If you have found out any problem like if belt did not replace on time or even its service record is not flawless, you might have to purchase completely new engine.

Take a lengthy test drive that is the only way to find out whether the car exactly meets all of yours’ requirements. If it is possible, do check both kind of starts which means cold as well as hot start & evaluate if there exist any differences in the performance. Monitor all the doors very carefully in order to find out any mismatch between the colors on doors as well as on panels.

Last but not the least guideline, if you know any reliable& honest auto mechanic whom you trust, before actually finalizing the car, just show him how the car engine & other body parts are, he will be the only right person to tell you an approximate price on how much you would be spending in almost following one year for maintaining the car.

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