IFBB Bikini Fitness – International Rules ( July 2013)

Miss International, Miss World, Miss National is a beauty contest held each year. There is bikini fitness round in the entire contest. The IFBB rules for the Bikini Fitness at international events play very important role to win this beautiful female category.

Aspirants of international events should have proper knowledge about this round. The women bikini fitness is a sport discipline for women who prefer an overall body tone. This type of body tone is achieved through athletic endeavors and strict diet schedule. You get a nice and firm appearance with a decreased amount of body fat neither excessively muscular nor excessively lean. This is an attractive “Total package” which emphasis on a “healthy and fit” physique.

IFBB Bikini Fitness

The junior aspirant should be sixteen to twenty three years old. Categories like class C: over 168 cm, class B: up to and including 168 cm, and class A: up to and including 163 cm. The attire for all rounds is equally important to know. The attire is a two piece bikini which must conform to the following criteria:

• The bikini should be in a good taste
• It will be of any color and pattern
• Jewelry can be worn except it should be in a good taste
• The bikini bottom should cover a minimum of 1/3 of the gluteus maximus and bottom part of the frontal area

The beauty contestants’ hair should be styled. They can wear high-heels of any style and color during this round. Athletes must have a natural and healthy tan. Strings are strictly prohibited. Platforms high heels are strictly prohibited and also competitors cannot chew gums or candies while onstage. Staining and removable bronzers too also prohibited.

There will be fifteen competitors. The selection of top fifteen will be made through the four quarter turns in numerical order and in groups of not more than five competitors at a time.
The T-Walking and quarter turns will lead to Finals.

The procedures for round 2 are a mesmerizing procedure. The top six finalists will be called on stage; one- by- one in numerical order and will perform the T-walking. Later the top six finalists will be directed to the center of the stage, and then in numerical order to perform the quarter turns in numerical order and then in the reverse order.

The IFBB Bikini Fitness – International Rules is must to be followed up to win the event.

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