Has anyone ever tried out virtual Eyeglasses?

Hi Friends,
Today I am going to share one awesome experience with you. Today I have been browsing for latest trend of 2012 for eyeglasses. I like to wear trendy eyeglasses while riding my bike in college because I think I look cool in it and I am able to attracts girls easily but didn’t get any success till now (so sad).

Yesterday I have visited two sites for trendy sunglasses glassesshop.com and glassesusa.com. Both the sites has virtual try on facility of eyeglasses. They have three to four faces of real person you can try any eyeglass on it and you can also upload your photo and can also try any virtual eyeglasses on it. I have tried both of them but I like more Glassesshop.com virtual try on because it’s quite easy to use compare to glassesusa.com. Below I have shared images of both the online store. Hope you people like it.

GlassesUSA Virtual Try on

GlassesShop Virtual Try on

I have limited budget for eyeglasses so I have compared glassesshop.com coupons and glassesusa.com coupons then finally purchased I have purchased aviator sunglasses from glassesusa.com by using free shipping offer deal.

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