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There is a good number of packaging manufacturers in the UK. Small, mid-sized, and well as large manufacturing units can easily find packaging manufacturers that match their requirements. Depending on the type of industry your business is engaged in, you can find a host of packaging manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in it. For example, most plastic packaging manufacturers do not supply all kinds of packaging plastic. Instead, they specialize in a particular type of plastics, be it food-grade plastics, cosmetics packaging, plastic containers, etc. Such specialization helps them offer the best possible products in their own domain of expertise. Some of the most popular packaging manufacturers are listed below:

1. BensonGroup
Benson Group is one of the leading food packaging manufacturers based in the UK. The company specializes in food and healthcare packaging. They offer high-end packaging solutions with great emphasis on the design and visual appeal of the final package. The primary products they manufacture are cartons. These are commonly used for the packaging of food materials like cookies, cereal, chocolates, etc. They also offer some of the latest technologies in the sustainable and eco-friendly packaging domain. Benson is one of the most trusted packaging solutions in the UK due to their highly ranked packaging services for various types of food and healthcare products. They also have a very large customer base spread around the country. Apart from packaging, the group also provides a host of other services such as brand management, supply chain management and technical support.

2. AtlasPackaging
Atlas Packaging offers a range so diverse that it is almost hard for other manufacturers to keep up with them. Their packaging products cover a broad range of industries such as commercial food packaging, flower packaging, furniture packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, shelf ready packaging and transit packaging. The company takes orders of any size and is best suited for small and mid-sized companies. They engage in design services that are integrated with the packaging solution so that the customer gets a complete solution. They have the latest machinery for printing, construction of cartons, as well molding. Like any other environmentally conscious packaging manufacturer, Atlas Packaging provides the latest in eco-friendly packaging to help your business run in a sustainable way.

3. FencorPackaging
The main arena of Fencor Packaging is in corrugated cardboard packaging. Fencor manufactures varied products like glued corrugated boxes, transit shipping boxes, pallet boxes, and printed boxes. They also offer services such as retail ready packaging and point of sale display packaging. Fencor is especially known for innovative die cut packaging, being one of the very few packaging suppliers in the UK that offer this service. The company is also well renowned for their exceptional customer service. A lot of shipping companies as well as food manufacturers like Tetley trust the brand name of Fencor. The company is also a great favorite among toy manufacturers.

4. ABC Packaging
ABC Packaging is best known for the services they provide to the cosmetics industry. The company is one of the most trusted names when it comes to packaging for cosmetics. Many of the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers with production units in the UK partner with ABC to fulfill their packaging needs. Apart from cosmetics, the company is also popular for its services in food packaging, retail packaging, medical and healthcare packaging, postal packaging, and even DIY packaging. They are flexible enough to work on orders of all sizes and thoroughly cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size. Given the various big names they have bagged in their kitty, such as Disney Toys, Panadent, NHS, and Learning Tree, ABC Packaging is an option about which nobody ever gets second thoughts.

5. DesignPlusPackaging
When it comes to packaging materials like bottles, tubes, and sachets, Design Plus Packaging is always the manufacturer of choice. They provide their products in a wide range of plastics and customers can tailor make their order to the extent they like. With ample choice in colors, finishes, printing options, and closure attachments, Design Plus offers a multitude of options to their clients. Their customers are generally cosmetics companies and those involved in art and craft products. They also manufacture packaging products for the food industry. Moreover, their packaging systems are highly innovative and regularly audited to deliver the best in packing efficiency, both in terms of raw materials and overall operational cost. They truly combine the best of aesthetics and functionality.

6. All In Packaging
Allinpackaging is another popular packaging manufacturer in the UK. Their products are basically targeted towards the skincare and household products sectors. The company manufactures a wide variety of plastic containers which are suitable for many packaging purposes. The products can be ordered in a plastic of your choice. You can also choose the colors, shapes, and sizes to suit the needs of your business. All In Packaging is flexible to work with orders of all sizes and their minimum order is suitable for small-sized companies too. Another major benefit of partnering with them is the great printing solutions they have on offer. Their dispensers, caps, and containers are some of their most popular products. You can check out their large in-stock collection. Also, orders can be placed online. Therefore, it is really simple to avail a wide variety of complex packaging solutions at a click of the mouse.

And the list does not end here. If you’re looking for more options, you could check out other packaging manufacturers in the UK. Wessex Packaging offers commercial foam and cardboard packaging in a variety of sectors. Fenton Packaging is another good option if you are looking for a food packaging manufacturer. Some other popular names that come to mind are Diamond Pak, Firstan, and DS Smith Packaging. Their websites are a good place to start your research. You can not only find out more about the entire range of services they offer, but also read testimonials from clients, check out real pictures of their products and services, and even get a quotation for your order online!

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