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ECMD (Early Childhoood Manufacturere’s Direct), a company founded in 1982 is a distributor of finely crafted millwork.

ECMD really made sure that their reputation as in the field of skilled craftsmanship should not be decreased. ECMD has now carved out its place among generations of builders and craftsmen, with its sweat, pride and integrity.

ECMD’s expertise in the field as well as state-of-the-art technology, enables its supply chain model to offer the best products, through most efficient methods, to its customers.

With passing time, most of the millwork supply chains have gone obsolete. With these chains getting obsolete, many companies that were a part of those chains, also have gone out of the market.
ECMD took care that they should stay in the business, educating themselves in the latest technologies and concepts to address the rampant pace of change, through the building materials industry.

ECMD has seen the millwork industry’s preferred resource move from the domestic woods of the Western U.S. to the plantations of the Southern Hemisphere. This was caused due to the major impact of the supply chain change over the last decade. That totally disrupted some very resilient supply chain dynamics that had been stable for decades. There were many companies that performed the functions of harvesting the Western woods, producing lumber, re-manufacturing the lumber into millwork, and then distributing it to the local and regional markets in the U.S. Unfortunately, these companies are gone now.

Though these changes were traumatic, they also created some opportunities for others, including ECMD. ECMD’s team always likes challenges. As soon as they see a glimpse of a new concept, which can introduce efficiencies into the supply chain; and consequently, tend to rush toward change rather than run away from it. And that is what made today’s business landscape fit like to glove on ECMD.

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